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Appeal Hearings

Your employer must give you the right of appeal, if you receive a disciplinary sanction such as a warning, or are dismissed, or if you raise a grievance and are unhappy with your employer's decision.

You should put your appeal in writing, within the timeframe specified by your employer.  You should set out the grounds of your appeal, which should be based on:

  • new evidence has come to light
  • the penalty was unduly severe or
  • the penalty was inconsistent with previous decisions
  • your grievance has not been satisfactorily resolved

Your employer should then invite you to an appeal hearing and give you the right to be accompanied by either a work colleague or trade union representative or official.  Ideally, someone not previously involved in the matter should hear the appeal.  However, in smaller organisations, this may not be possible.

In dealing with disciplinary matters and grievances, your employer should follow the ACAS Code of Practice.  Further information on appeal hearings is available by contacting us here.

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