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Conflict at Work

Conflict at work has many causes and can take many forms. It may be two workers who simply don’t get on or a grievance by an individual against their manager. It can also be rivalry between two teams, or a general lack of co-operation and trust between employees and management.

Some signs of conflict may be visible, such as a heated exchange between colleagues, or a meeting between management and employee representatives that turns into a "stand-off".

However, not all conflict is obvious and some people may hide their feelings as a way of coping with a problem. 

Causes of conflict

  • Poor management
  • Inadequate training
  • Unclear job roles
  • Poor work environment
  • Unfair or inconsistent treatment
  • Lack of equal opportunities
  • Poor communications
  • Bullying and harassment

Symptoms of conflict

  • De-motivated staff
  • Employees making derogatory comments about each other
  • A fall in productivity
  • An increase in customer complaints because people aren’t co-operating
  • Increased sickness absence

How to managing conflict

  1. Have a quiet word
  2. Investigate the problem informally
  3. Use internal procedures - for example, deal with grievances promptly and fully
  4. Train managers and supervisors
  5. Use a skilled mediator
  6. Improve the way you communicate and consult with employees
  7. Form working groups or staff councils
  8. Get outside help

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