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Equal Pay

Men and women doing equal work and work rated as of equal value are entitled to equal pay. To be sure that your organisatin does this, you may wish to carry out a pay audit to ensure that men and women are getting equal pay according to the Equality Act 2010

You must give men and women equal treatment in the terms and conditions of their employment contract if they are employed on:

  • 'like work' - work that is the same or broadly similar
  • work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation study
  • work found to be of equal value

A woman is employed on 'like work' with a man if her work is of the same or a broadly similar nature. It is for you to show that there is a genuine reason for any difference in pay, which is not based on the sex of an individual.

Employees are also entitled to know how their pay is made up. For example, if there is a bonus system, everyone should know how to earn bonuses and how they are calculated.

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