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Grievances are concerns, problems or complaints raised by an employee with their employer.

Grievances often arise in relation to:

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Health and safety
  • Work relations
  • New working practices
  • Organisational changes
  • Discrimination

Grievances are best dealt with at an early stage, informally, with the immediate line manager. However, your employer should have formal procedures in place to handle more difficult or unresolved cases. 

A grievance hearing is a meeting that deals with any grievance raised by an employee. Your employer should:

  • Hold the meeting in private
  • If the grievance concerns your line manager, someone else should hear the complaint
  • Tell you about your right to be accompanied
  • Ensure an open discussion of the issues
  • Avoid snap decisions even if the solution seems obvious
  • Give you the chance to appeal if you’re not happy with the outcome

Basic practical guidance is provided in the Acas Code of Practice and Tribunals take the Code into account when considering relevant cases.

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