Health, Work and Well being

Work can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Healthy and well motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on the productivity and effectiveness of a business.

Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employers and employees. The key factors that can determine whether workers will have a positive or negative relationship with work are:

  • The relationships between line managers and employees
  • Whether employees are involved in organisational issues and decisions
  • Job design
  • Availability and acceptability of flexible working
  • Awareness of occupational health issues

Helping with:

  • Absence management
  • Disability
  • Discipline
  • Diversity  
  • Fit notes
  • Flexible work  
  • Health in the workplace  
  • Holidays  
  • Maternity  
  • Mental health  
  • Parental leave and pay  
  • Stress  
  • Time-off for dependants
  • Working hours