Parents and Carers

Parents, and other people who combine work with caring for dependents, have some specific rights protected by law. These include various types of leave and the right to be considered for flexible working.


If you are an employee but also have caring responsibilities for children, elderly relatives or dependants did you know...?

  • You can apply for flexible working.
  • You are entitled to time off for dependents to deal with unforeseen circumstances.


Parents are also entitled to time off for dependents and the right to apply for flexible working. There is more information about the rights of parents - such as parental leave, maternity, paternity and adoption leave - on the other pages within this section.

Helping with:

  • Adoption leave and pay
  • Flexible work  
  • Maternity
  • Parental leave and pay  
  • Part-time work
  • Paternity  
  • Time-off for dependants
  • Working hours